Advisory services

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Business & Financial Advisory Services

THA Advisory offers a range of applied analytical and strategic risk management services.  The firm’s expertise in advanced analytical techniques for risk management has been demonstrated in various engagements.  These include a Monte Carlo simulation-based pricing model that was built for a major mortgage credit investor, validations of client AUS scorecards and ALM models, and a review and assessment of another firm’s stress test models’ processes and assumptions, among others.  Other engagements have included guiding banks’ development of their ERM framework, establishing of KRIs, policies and procedures, RCSAs, and reviewing risk appetite statements, among other activities.

Additional Financial Advisory Services

  • Market trend analysis and volume projections

  • Operational and capital requirements

  • Financial modeling and impact analysis

  • Scenario development and sensitivity analysis

  • Return on investment (ROI) determination

  • Performance metric development

  • Venture partner evaluation

  • Mergers and acquisitions